Hi there my name is didi and i am almost 31 i have felt night orgasms since i have memory, Its been a pleasure comes to me all the time while i sleep, usually before my period starts, one time was so intense that woke me up completely gave me the most intense contractions left my whole body in shock swetie in cold, i was just holding my bed frame for support the stimulation was so harsh that took me to the point to stimulate my vowels and poop a lot, 30 mins after my period came. Although my first orgasm with a man was at the age of 28 since then all the time i have sex i am multiorgasmic 6 to 10 times in a row, i am very healthy i eat organic food and healthy smoothies sometimes when im at the gym lifting weights or doing some core exercises i start feeling the sensation from my belly bottom all the way down, its delicious how i have found my sex intimacy by myself.


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