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Condoms: myths busted

Birth Control
Condoms are one of the most common contraceptive methods and also prevent STDs. But is sex less fun with a condom? Do they always work?

Best for sex: new lover or steady partner?

Making Love
Is sex less fun with a long-term partner? For some people it might be, studies suggest. But don’t panic, everything is relative.

Young guys have erection problems too

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon in younger men, despite the belief that men have difficulty getting hard when they are old. Erection problems can have different causes – from purely physical to psychological – and vary between ages.

Playing hard-to-get: does it work?

Meeting someone
Treat them mean, keep them keen: it’s the stuff of old proverbs and dodgy dating advice. ‘Don’t call someone till three days after a date,’ is a popular idea. But ‘playing hard-to-get’ is an evolutionary strategy too, a recent study found.

Breasts: top five facts

Female body
Small or big, round or pear-shaped: breasts come in all shapes and sizes. They do more than just provide milk for babies. They’re a secondary sex organ and are very sensual, giving pleasure when caressed. Here are our mammary Top Five Facts.

'Thinking off': the hands-free orgasm

Some people can reach an orgasm just by thinking, say researchers. The brain is the biggest sex organ of them all! There are women – and some men too – who can think themselves into having a "headgasm" without any touching involved at all.

Online sex: do's and don'ts

Ways to Make Love
Much of life happens on the internet these days: work, friendships, entertainment… and sex too. Apart from watching other people do it, you can also have sex online yourself. We run through the thrills and risks of online sex.

Sexy romance ideas from social media

Happy relationships
Want to marry a vampire? Feel like spicing up your sex life with chocolate sauce? You can now officially blame it on social media. Posts and TV shows have a stronger influence on our expectations than we might like to admit, recent studies say.

Why do people cheat in a relationship?

Relationship problems
If your partner cheats on you, it can feel like the end of the world. Yet if you’re in a relationship, you too could be attracted to someone else, even if you love your partner. Let's find out what exactly is cheating.