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‘We have no option but to run’

Sexual Diversity
Rohit and Ankur love each other. But unlike other couples, instead of building their life together, they are hiding and planning an escape. Rohit shares the reality of living as a gay couple in India with Love Matters India.

He told me I was cute and then kissed me!

Sexual Diversity
When Manav proposed to Akshay on the last day of school, he rejected outright. However, little did he know the real reason for the rejection. What happened next? Manav shared his story with Love Matters India.

‘Our first kiss was magical!'

Love and relationships
Aman loved Kartik and experienced his many firsts with him - first proposal, first kiss and much more. He shares his story with Love Matters India.

Jab Mohit met Ankit

Love and relationships
They look amazing together, have a huge fan following on social media and have even done a music video together. We are talking about Mohit and Ankit. Mohit spoke to Love Matters India to share how he met this ‘cute guy’ Ankit and fell in love with him.