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Men who have sex with men: 5 things to keep in mind

Making Love
When men have sex with other men (MSM), it can also put them at a higher risk of picking up Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV among other health issues. Kumar Shetty from Aastha Parivaar shares important tips about sex, safety and pleasure in this regard.

‘If you talk lovingly they agree to use a condom’

Safe Sex
Yelawa, who works as a sex worker in Mumbai, regularly gets customers who harass her, do not maintain hygiene and are sometimes violent or intoxicated. They can even refuse to use condoms. In such a scenario, what does Yelawa do to keep herself safe? Aastha Parivaar shared Yelawa's story with Love Matters.

‘I know how to get them to use condoms’

Safe Sex
Priya is a sex worker in Mumbai. She does not regret the work she picked during times of difficulty. Sex work is just a path for her to reach her goals. But she does her work responsibly and keeps herself safe and healthy. This is not easy. Especially when she has to persuade customers to use condoms. Priya's story was shared by Aastha Parivaar with Love Matters.

‘I am her partner, not customer’

Safe Sex
Increasingly, sex workers are urging customers to use condoms. But do their partners, or pyarwallas as they are known, do the same? Aastha Parivaar spoke to pyarwallas to understand the use of condoms among pyarwallas as well as their relationships with sex workers.