I too lost my virginity recently on 10th june 2014 it was lovely and painful but I could bare the pain because I lost my virginity with the one I trust and the one who really deserves to. I do remebr we tried to insert it all 4 or 5 days of intimacy finally we could do it when we both were little high. I could bare the pain under the affect of alcohol. when he was inserting for first time I bite his right chick so hard. ] thank god he didn't got mark on his face. it was painful and joyful too. I would like to tell everyone girls do loose ur virginity for the who really deserve.. !!! and I found a guy with whom m really comfortable doing it so. it bleed also for couple of days. but that's cool take it as a part of your love making. it was lovely to loose virginity.i clicked pics also .. it was first time and pretty special for me!! the first insertion will remained in memory for rest of life!!


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