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Naked all over, man boobs and other stories

By Steve Korver Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 15:29
Naked contradictions … Man boobs … No hot soup served at nude restaurant … Stripping for a dictator … These news flashes and more in this week’s Sex in the Press.

The nude landscape

We are born into this world naked. We shower naked. We have sex naked… And who can deny the simple pleasure of a cooling breeze on a hot summer’s day?

But nudity is not that simple.

Yes, the World Naked Bike Ride only gets more popular every year. But meanwhile, iconic nudie mag Playboy back-pedals by releasing its first issue without nudity.

Yes, ‘Sweden legalizes public nudity for humanitarian reasons’. But meanwhile, Facebook’s blind fear of nudity forced a breast cancer awareness campaign to take extreme measures to educate women in doing self-exams: ‘Man boobs are the perfect solution to pesky female nudity’.

We live in a world of naked contradictions.

Nudity: the English way

When compared to ‘A fellatio cafe is set to open in Geneva’, the idea of opening a nude restaurant in London seems charmingly chaste.

But serious issues are involved: “What’s the protocol if you’re serving up food to customers in the buff? It’s really not that different from normal – just make sure your soups are cold,” according to ‘How to get bums on seats at London's first naked restaurant’.

Also: “For logistical reasons, our waiting staff will be covering their bits and bobs,” says the owner. “If you’re sitting and someone is serving you, the height of your face and certain parts of their bodies is kind of the same. ”

Indeed, you might be put off your main course if you are confronted with a waitor’s Brexit.

Meanwhile, other Brits will unveil their bodies’ various exits and/or entrances on TV: ‘Channel 4 whips out a host of summer shows featuring nudity – including a naked dating programme’.

Could this influx of nudity be a response to a recent report that says ‘Nudity and naturism is “best way to teach sex education” to children’?

“Children should be receiving a sex education that teaches nudity is normal, as a way of reducing unhealthy and oversexualised attitudes to naked bodies,” says one pundit.

"By suppressing something and keeping it hidden it means that nobody learns the truth. Teenagers grow up thinking that a normal body is the one in the adverts or young men see pornography and take it from that.”

Creative dissent

“When President Alyaksandr Lukashenko urged Belarusians ‘to get undressed and work till you sweat’, there was every reason for his passionate appeal,” according to  ‘Naked in the national interest’.

Lukashenko – who is known as ‘Daddy’ and ‘Europe’s Last Dictator’ – wanted his citizens to work harder to confront the country’s dismal economic situation.

But some Belarus citizens – who are reknown for their creative approach to dissent as showcased in their (failed) ‘Jeans Revolution’ – decided to take his decree literally by publishing pictures of themselves posing naked at their workplace.

The accompanying hashtag #getnakedandwork is now trending and the phenomanon is spreading across Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states. “Quite possibly, the recent hot weather in eastern Europe provided the incentive for more people to join in.”

Viva la Breeze Revolution!


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