size does matter or not

Does penis size matter?

A big penis doesn’t mean better sex. In fact, how satisfied a woman is in bed has nothing to do with the size of her partner’s penis, a recent Argentinean study found. Instead, it’s physical features like his skin and hair that matter more.

 Sixty-five percent of women said penis size mattered, the survey of 176 Argentinean women aged 19 to 62 found. But at the same time, 70% said they were satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. Yet most men end up searching for - how to increase penis size!

What’s more, just because the women felt their partner’s penis came up short, it didn’t mean they were any less satisfied than the women who were happy with their man’s penis dimensions. A woman’s view on penis size says nothing about her level of sexual satisfaction, Dr Walter de Bonis, the Argentinean urologist was behind the study explains.

Length versus girth

Are you worried about how to increase penis size? Well, don't be. Let's clear some thingSo what is a normal penis size? Ten to fifteen centimetres when erect, according to Dr de Bonis, though the average varies around the world. Fifty-eight percent of the women surveyed correctly chose 10-15 cm as the norm, while 37 percent over-estimated the average penis size as being more than 15 cm.

Penis thickness is actually more important than length, because it stimulates a larger area of the vagina, said Dr de Bonis. It’s only the first five centimetres of the vagina that really affect arousal, which is why most experts agree that length is not a big deal.

Emotional connection

But it would be wrong to think that sexual satisfaction is all about penis proportions. The feel of a guy’s skin, the colour and texture of his hair and other physical features are just as important to a woman, and these things have nothing to do with his penis.

Stop searching on how to increase penis size. Instead read on - how to give her better orgasms. More than penis size or appearance, a stable relationship is linked to a satisfying sex life. Perhaps because it’s an emotional connection between partners and not just physical contact that really matters, Dr de Bonis concluded.

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