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Laugh-gasms and funny boners

By Steve Korver Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 20:23
Laughing together in bed … How to get down with sexual embarrassment … Are men funnier than women? … These news flashes and more in this week’s Sex in the Press.

Sex = laughing together in bed

Sex and slapstick go together like pies and faces – if we are to believe articles such as ‘11 times people laughed uncontrollably during sex’ and ‘18 foreplay confessions that will make you feel all kinds of awkward’.

Certainly, if you can’t laugh off the occasional vaginal fart, you’re probably dead inside.

In fact, such squeaks – or queefs, as they are called – probably just mean you’re having particularly hot sex, according to ‘Queefing: How to get down with sexual embarrassment’.

Sex and laughter have a lot in common on a physiological level. They both work to alleviate stress, stimulate the immune system and build new neural pathways, according to ‘7 ways laughter sex are connected’.

So it’s strange that the Laughing Sex Institute – and its Comic Sutra – is not more of a household name. After all, who doesn’t want to “link-up your libido with your funny bone and use the pelvic contractions of laughter for sexual pleasure”?

Don’t enough people get the joke?

The last laugh

Many studies linking laughter with sex & relationships were released in the last year.

Laugh at the same time as your partner to feel better about your relationship, study says’.

Women really are more attracted to men who make them laugh, study finds’.

Good in bed: funny men give more orgasms’.


Are females funny?

“Why do people tend to appreciate men’s humor so much more than women’s?” ponders a very funny female writer in the excellent ‘Plight of the funny female’.

Various studies have shown that men and women tend to agree: men are funnier.

But on an objective level, men and women are equally funny. Men are just rewarded more for being funny – and therefore they try harder.

“Men are willing to take more risks [in humor], and they also fail more miserably,” says one evolutionary psychologist. “But for the man, it's worth it. If you fail and you're not funny, you lost maybe a few minutes. But if the person laughs, the benefit can be huge.”

In other words, the man might get laid.

“If men try harder to be funny, women do their best to show their appreciation, laughing more enthusiastically and frequently in male company. One study found that when men and women are talking, the amount that the woman, but not the man, laughs can predict whether the pair wants to date each other.”

Women want men who will tell jokes; men want women who will laugh at theirs.

Meanwhile, women are often punished for being funny. In one study, given the choice between two equally attractive women with one being funny and the other not, men tend to choose for the unfunny one.

This could be because humour is associated with intelligence: “Humour signals a kind of ability to put yourself in someone else's mind and understand what someone else will find funny. It requires social intelligence, and it takes social verve or confidence.”

And it seems that only women appreciate intelligence. Men often just feel threatened by it.

While both sexes put “a sense of humour” high up on the list of what they want in a partner, they mean different things: “Women want men who will tell jokes; men want women who will laugh at theirs.”

So is science telling us that funny women are doomed to “die alone”?

“Entrenched beliefs that are ugly and passé – like racism – persist even when people disavow them. Men’s desire to be the Kings of Relationship Comedy, meanwhile, isn’t even frowned upon,” says one pessimist.

Optimists, meanwhile, should just dump any boyfriend who doesn’t laugh at their jokes.


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