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About us

Love Matters: blush-free information and news on love, sex & relationships for young adults around the world.

Open, honest, sex-friendly...
Love Matters is a place to talk about sex with an open, honest, and non-judgmental attitude. At the same time, we do our best to produce content that doesn’t offend people and that fits in with culture where you live.

And safe.
We see sex as a wonderful thing to explore, share, and enjoy. And we think that if you provide young people with honest and positive information and news on sex, they’ll be more likely to have safer, healthier sex.

We love to know what’s on your mind! So go on, make our day: contact us with your story or your question for Auntyji. Or join in and have your say on Facebook. The more we know what moves you, the more we can make Love Matters specially for you.

So who are we actually? Meet the Love Matters India team.

Vithika Yadav

Head of Love Matters India

Vithika is the driving force behind Love Matters India. Based in Delhi, she’s a passionate human rights activist. She believes that getting sex out in the open can help end a lot of misery caused by sexual violence or harassment – and can bring us all a lot of pleasure! ...

Gayatri Parameswaran

Web Editor (English)

Gayatri looks after the website from day to day and steers the topics we talk about. She writes great articles too, like her funny, thought-provoking blog series, 'A friend of mine said…'. Gayatri comes from Mumbai, but as a dynamic journalist, she’s always on the move. ...

Roshan Kokane

Assistant Editor

Roshan helps Gayatri with the editorial tasks for the website. He’s a journalist and editor from Mumbai, who loves travelling the world and writing about human lives. He’s also passionate about human rights and politics.

Puru Singh

Web Editor (Hindi)

Puru helps Vithika run the Hindi version of our website from Delhi. He’s a keen cricketer, in the past he’s specialised in writing about cricket and politics. Now he’s switched to a topic he’s also particularly keen on!


Advice Columnist

Our much-loved Auntyji studied at the University of Life, majoring in love, sex and relationships. She has a big personality and a great sense of humour. But joking aside, she has the serious knowledge and experience needed to deal with your trickiest questions.

Gunjan Sharma

Consultant to Auntyji

Gunjan is our Delhi-based expert consultant on everything you want to know about sex. Gunjan swears by Auntyji as  the right person to ask your most audacious questions on sex and relationships. She is funny, loving, sometimes blunt and very little shocks her!

Kiran Rai

Discussion Board Moderator

Kiran, from Delhi, helps Gunjan by answering questions our visitors post on the website. She’s passionate about developing the community through different forms of media, and fighting for women rights. And she’s also really into photography and film making. 

Abhishek Saini

Social Media Officer

Abhishek is a data scientist by profession, and founder member of social work organisation Those In Need. When he’s not working for Love Matters, he’s a Senior Research Assistant at Delhi School of Economics – or out on the road on his beloved Bullet 350 motorbike!

Chinmayee Dave-Subas

Discussion Board Moderator

Chinmayee works on our discussion forum Let's Talk. She has a degree in social work and experience working in health, hygiene and access to abortion. Her passions: nature, music, feminism and fun!

Khushboo Goel

Project Assistant

Khushboo from Delhi is a psychology graduate, and finds people fascinating! She’s great with logistics, and helps keep Love Matters events running smoothly. Khushboo also helps Kiran answer questions on our discussion board.

Anamika Srivastava

Finance Controller

Anamika is the person who makes sure all the figures at Love Matters add up. She’s a hard-core finance professional, with years of experience at top international NGOs, corporates and the UN.  

Michael Blass

Web Editor (English)

Michael’s job is to set the tone and make sure Love Matters is a good read. He works with Gayatri on picking and polishing the content. Michael comes from the UK, lives in the Netherlands, and dreams about India – just smell his spice cupboard.

Sarah Moses

Sex and science contributor

Sarah is a health writer from Canada who lives in Argentina. She trawls the latest research on sex and relationships from around the world to bring you the most interesting and ground-breaking sex and science news.   

Catarina Gomes

Social Media Specialist

Catarina holds the Love Matters record for the highest number of open tabs: at least 55 at any given time. She's behind our social media strategy, and is passionate about social change and young people.

Michelle Chakkalackal

Content Strategist

Michelle looks at the big picture to make sure Love Matters has the content you want to read. She’s also our public health specialist. Information on sex shouldn’t be scary, she says – talking about pleasure is the best way to help people have healthy, happy sex lives. ...

Lindsay van Clief

Resource Specialist

Lindsay’s job is to watch over the resources and stay up to date with current sex research. She works to update and inform people about their bodies, sex and the large sexuality spectrum. She truly believes that knowledge is power.

Michele Ernsting

Head of Love Matters Global Project

As an award-winning documentary maker, Michele had this idea of making a website with plain-talking information on sex for young people around the world. This is it. Michele now heads Love Matters websites aimed at India, Africa, China, Latin America and the Arab world. ...