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‘Porna’ panel decides what women find erotic

The pornography market for men is full to bursting. So Dutch cable TV channel Dusk came up with the idea of only broadcasting erotic films aimed at women.

They call their output ‘porna’ – a feminine version of porno. But what kind of pornography do women want to see? There’s only one way to find out, thought Dusk director Martijn Broersma – ask them.

On the channel’s website, women can sign up to the ‘Dusk panel’ to give their opinion on clips of erotic movies. A film will only get an airing on the channel if it gets a good rating from the panel.

The ‘porna’ channel is very careful to make sure men can’t muscle in on its panel - it's strictly for women only. To join you have to get a reference from a panel member. Alternatively, you can let the Dusk team check out your page on a social networking site like Facebook. And if there’s still any doubt about your gender, they’ll even phone you up to make sure you’re female.

Fake groaning and ponytails
So what’s the difference between porno and ‘porna’? “Porna is porn that women really enjoy to watch,” says Dusk. In its recipe for women-friendly pornography, the channel has come up with the crucial do’s and don’ts:


  • An equal balance of attention for the woman and the man
  • Both partners are clearly enjoying it
  • Explicit images
  • Attractive but still ‘real’ people

Not porna

  • Men ejaculating in women’s faces
  • ‘Doggish looks’ into the camera
  • Fake groaning and screaming
  • Ugly men with ponytails doing it with one hand on their hip

But do women really like watching pornography? Dusk says it’s done some thorough research to find out. It discovered that more than half of the Dutch women surveyed sometimes watch erotic films – though a mere three percent do so regularly. And a third say they only like watching with their partner.